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Meda necklace

The jewellery mirror the personality of its wearer, complete her expression, emphasises her energy. We designed jewels that reflect on an authentic encountering exceptional women, who I had been meeting in recent years and who eventually became her friends or colleagues. The heart of the jewels is originally processed bismuth, a metal that has been known to mankind from antiquity. The crystals of bismuth create many rainbow shades in their edges, they form incredible spatial shapes. Each of the jewels stays original, authentic in their creation process. It can be a striking accessory for an extravagant personality as well as an unobtrusive detail for an introverted person. For every piece of jewellery was inspiration women, which inspired us in our life. It this case was Meda Mládková, who is an extraordinary art collector in Czech republic.
Material: Gemstone — Handmade crystal Bismuth, Gold — plated silver component with 24 — carat gold, Crystal Resin.
Package: hand — stained wooden box
Product Cost‎: 250 Eur / 6400 Kč
photo: Kristína Opálková
This piece is now out of stock. We can create for you another similar jewellery, it takes 2 or 3 weeks.

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